2 Hour cleaning service package!


What to Expect

  1.  Provide us with a Focus Point List outlining what you would like done. You can leave your Focus Point List with the office or give it your PRO on the day of your cleaning.
  2. Your Focus Point List should be in order of importance. This ensures that we spend the most time doing what's most important to you in those 2 hours. 
  3. It is a flat fee of $75 for two hours of work. Once the time is up, we will begin finding a stopping point based on your Focus Point List. 

How to Prepare

  1. Pick up toys or other loose items to help ensure we spend the most time cleaning your home

Our top tier cleaning services for a quick and easy time frame!

Contact us today to learn more information about this great deal! Our expert cleaning service that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau will make your targeting area look better than it ever has!