Hello iClean Family!

To maintain transparency we would like to address the changes we have made in order to continue providing the best possible cleaning service during these uncertain times.

Your health is important to us, that is why all pros have been issued N95 mask, shoe covers and hand sanitizer in an effort to continue the prevention of spreading COVID-19 and maintaining the safety and well being of our pros as well as our clients. All previous sanitation procedures remain in effect until otherwise stated by the CDC.

For those that have been affected by the pandemic and have had to pause their regular cleaning schedule. Your quoted price will be grandfathered in whenever you are able to reinstate service. If you are interested in learning more about how we can tailor your cleaning to fit your budget. Contact us at (913) 521-5995 and we would be glad to work with you to help keep your home or office clean and safe.

We're slowly opening up businesses and starting to resume normal life with the exception of an occasional face mask and more frequent hand washing. Many have contacted us about resuming cleaning service and we understand that for some we have not visited for a couple months. After much discussion on the best remedy to show support to our valued clients. We have opted to not increase your regular total cost if more time is needed to sanitize your home to iClean standard.

Thank you for choosing iClean!

iClean Team